Bell Pharmaceuticals


Bell Pharmaceuticals has a state of art manufacturing unit with a build up area approx. 10000 sq. ft. located in Karkapatla, which is at a distance of about 55 kms away from Hyderabad. Our unit is located at Telangana state industrial infra corporation which has been allotted to pharmaceutical and biotech companies. Our Manufacturing facility is designed to comply with latest standard cGMP guidelines for development and using all the latest technologies with dedication to manufacture the highest quality Liquid orals (Syrups, Suspensions and Emulsions), Semi-solid formulations (Ointments, creams, lotions, gels and pastes). .

We believe our manufacturing site provide us with cost advantages in terms of wages and raw materials prices as compared to many of our competitors, as well as economies of scale.

In addition, by virtue of our integrated operations, we believe that we enjoy competitive advantages in the form of cost efficiencies by producing across the value chain, thereby reducing our dependence on third parties for supply of starting materials and help to insulate us from significant volatility in raw materials prices.

Our manufacturing facility is equipped with air handling units which caters clean air to the manufacturing and packing area which is rated at a class 10000. Individual AHU’s are dedicated to liquid orals and semi-solid manufacturing areas to avoid contamination. Our unit is equipped with high capacity cGMP compliant purified water system with Ultra Violet and Reverse Osmosis systems. This demineralized water is used for manufacturing purposes.


Our team will carefully develop the production plan accordingly to meet the following objectives:

      Minimize costs / maximize profits

     Maximize customer service

     Minimize changes in production rates

     Minimize changes in work-force levels

     Maximize the utilization of plant and equipment

Bell Pharmaceuticals