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At Bell Pharmaceuticals, we provide you an environment for personal and professional growth. A healthy work-life balance is supported through a knowledge-driven work environment where ideas and skills are valued, where people can realize their full potential through dedicated training programmes. Our organization strongly believes that each and every employee is the backbone of the organization and their contribution is respected, recognized and rewarded.

Bell Pharmaceuticals offers an opportunity to work in a highly professional environment and is keen to employ a workforce of innovative people who can work together and add value to our vision. We believe that the competencies and efforts of employees are vital for an organizations continued success. If you want to be a part of a dynamic and highly motivated team, send your application.
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Industrial Visits

Industrial visit is a part of a college curriculum, seen more often in a pharmacy course, during which students visit companies and get insight regarding the internal working environment of a company and how a company functions, as well as useful information related to the practical aspects of the educational course which cannot be visualized in lectures. The industrial visit is considered one of the most tactical methods of teaching. It provides students with an opportunity to learn practically through interaction, working methods and employment practices. Visiting a company gives students a practical perspective on the world of work and gives them exposure to current work practices.

Regarding this industrial visit as a part of curriculum we thought we can give better knowledge to the upcoming pharmacy graduates who includes introduction of the company, explanation of work in different departments, regarding cGMP, current guidance to industry and ICH guidelines and new product development (IPR, RA, ARD, FRD, PRD & Stability studies).

Bell Pharmaceuticals